Violin School Marks Half a Century With Special Keepsake

By Newark College

The School of Musical Instrument Crafts was founded in 1972 under Principal Eric Ashton at Newark Technical College. Now, in the academic year 2022-2023, the School is celebrating a very special milestone – its 50th year. 

The original ‘Violin Repairs and Construction’ course was led by Maurice Bouette and the content of the course today remains largely faithful to the original, with a substantial focus being placed upon practical work at the bench.  

Students are trained in repair techniques and have the opportunity to manufacture or repair their own instrument from scratch. The courses continue to evolve in order to ensure its relevance to the very latest industry requirements. 

Current BA (Hons) Musical Instrument Crafts (Violin Making and Repair) student, Muireann Ní Sheoighe Eachthighearn, said: "This academic year marks 50 years of the International School of Violin Making in Newark.

"In our school building, near the tool technician office, we have a plate that was signed by all the students and staff who were present for the 40 year anniversary.

"I wanted to do something to mark the 50 year anniversary and since the old tree in the school's back yard was taken down this past year, I thought it would be nice to use some of the tree's wood as part of this.

"Hopefully it will be still here for the 100 year anniversary!"

Find out more about the BA (Hons) Musical Instrument Crafts (Violin Making and Repair).

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