Highly Regarded Classical Guitar Maker Visits Guitar Making Degree Students

By Newark College

Christopher Dean paid a visit to Newark College in the last week of term to talk to the BA (Hons) Musical Instrument Crafts (Guitar Making and Repair) students and look at their work.

Chris set up his first workshop in 1985, and has become one of the most highly regarded classical guitar makers in the world. 

Some of his time was spent in the workshop, taking the time to talk to students individually, look at their work, and discuss their ideas.

The group then moved to a classroom (a rare event for the Guitar making students!) where Chris talked about his career and his approach to making guitars.

He talked particularly about his early career, when he would make a point of visiting established luthiers whenever he could, and he encouraged the students to do the same.

He also visited professional players to seek feedback on his guitars, particularly areas in which they could be improved. Chris would also visit guitar festivals, both to meet potential customers, and also to evaluate the competition!

After a number of questions from the students, the group returned to the workshop to look at more of the students' work, and to inspect some of the tonewoods Chris had brought with him.

After the visit, Chris commented: "It was a pleasure to come and speak with the students. I was impressed with the quality of their work, and also with their sense of enthusiasm."

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