Upcoming Exhibition to Showcase the Art of the Violin

By Newark College
Haidee-Jo Summers Painting

‘The Art of the Violin’ is an upcoming art exhibition by Gallery 6 featuring violins from the School of Musical Instrument Crafts. 

As part of the exhibition, a range of artists visited the School to look around the facilities, speak with students and depict the violins in their own style. 

Artists involved in the exhibition include: Haidee-Jo Summers, Ann Pollard, Sarah Watson, Susan Pollard Gillespie, Susan Isaac, Scott Tetlow, Darren Stevenson, Liz Goulding, Sarah Sharpe and Anette Holt. 

Melanie Anderson, Owner of Gallery 6 based in Newark, said: “My visit to the Violin School to take some photographs of my artist Haidee-Jo Summers at work, as well at taking a few photographs of the building and students, was an 'art' in itself.   

“The whole experience... the building, witnessing the instruments in their early stages and the delightful students, was something that I will remember for a long time.” 

'The Art of the Violin’ exhibition will take place from the 3rd May to the 28th May. Find out more, here.

Haidee-Jo Summers' Painting
Haidee-Jo Summers' Painting
Haidee-Jo Summers' Painting
Haidee-Jo Summers' Painting

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