Newark College Tutor Shares His Violin Making Skills on Cbeebies Junk Rescue

By Newark College
Robert Cain and Danny Sebastian

Robert Cain, a lecturer at Newark College’s School of Violin Making, features on the recent episode of Junk Rescue called Cardboard Packaging, in which he teaches the programme’s presenter, Danny, how to create a violin out of cardboard.

Robert said: “I have done a few media things but this was the most fun. Danny is as crazy and as much fun off-screen as he is on the show and we really enjoyed making the episode.

“We had a great time crammed into my workshop filming the various stages.”

Robert is keen to emphasise that the making exercise shown on the programme can be also be done at home. He said: “You can actually make a violin out of cardboard and many other materials and the results can be very impressive.

“The design has evolved over the years and is aimed at getting people interested in design, recycling and making music.”

If you’re interested in studying violin making or another of the musical instrument craft courses at Newark College, then please email or call 030 030 32435 for more information.

Robert Cain and Danny Sebastian
Robert Cain and Danny Sebastian

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