Patrick Abbott

By Newark College
Patrick Abbott


Teaches Woodwind Making and Repair at Newark College since 2003.

Patrick studied Engineering and Computing Science at Oxford University, where he spent a lot of time playing his clarinet. 

His early employment was as a research engineer at GEC Hirst Research Centre, where he developed early video conferencing systems and, in particular, acoustic echo cancellation technology. 

As a postgraduate, he studied acoustics with the Institute of Acoustics, gaining the 2002 Diploma Prize. 

In the same year, he enrolled on the Woodwind Making and Repair course at Newark College, and started teaching the acoustics module for the course in 2003. 

Having spent time doing peripatetic clarinet teaching while also repairing instruments from a home workshop and setting up a small classical music record label, he re-joined the staff at Newark College in 2018.