Manuel Aragon Gimeno

By Newark College
Manuel Aragon Gimeno


Teaches Guitar Making and Repair at Newark College since 2018

Manuel Aragon Gimeno, originally from Spain, has taught Guitar Making evening class since 2018 and is the most recent incorporation to the Guitar Department.  

Having a professional background in Topography, Manuel’s maker career began in 2008 in the violin making school of Bilbao (Spanish Basque country). During those years in Bilbao, his focus was on instruments of the violin family and with a particular interest in the acoustics of musical instruments (violin). 

In 2016, he moved to the UK and joined the Newark School of Guitar Making, completing his Foundation Diploma in 2017 and his BA (Hons) degree in 2020. 

His approach to guitar making reflects a clear influence of his previous training in violin making, becoming one of his main assets for his teaching. 

Currently, Manuel keeps building guitars which he uses as inspiration for his classes as well as examples for the learners.