John Wright

By Newark College
World class craftmanship at Newark
World class craftmanship at Newark


Teaches Violin Making and Repair at Newark College.

John Francis Wright began his professional life as a violinist and has since merged this passion with his love for understanding how and why bowed string instruments work. 

In 2016, John enrolled at the Newark school and subsequently graduated with first class honours.

Soon after establishing his own workshop, John was commissioned consecutively, by three members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra's cello section. His instruments are now in demand from some of the UK's top orchestral and chamber musicians and he has a waiting list of customers ranging from international soloists to award winning folk musicians. 

As well as making and teaching Violin Making, John also retains a healthy amount of freelance performing work. That later ensures a sound connection to a pragmatic approach in his making and teaching style. 

Along with Luthiers Carlos Libreros  and Antoine Gourdon, John is a founding members of “The Workshop Newark”. The three makers work closely together from their studio in the East Midlands to constantly explore and develop new components of the craft they are so immersed in.