Course Coordinator - Violin

Floriane Forconi

By Newark College
World class craftmanship at Newark
Floriane Forconi
World class craftmanship at Newark


Course Coordinator and Teacher Violin Making and Repair at Newark College since 2019.

In 2006, Floriane discovered the violin making world through Harriet Kjaer workshop in Nantes (France). Under her recommendation she then joined the International School of Violin Making in Newark (UK).

It was here that Floriane discovered guitar making as well as violin making, and graduated from the course in 2012.

After graduation, Floriane joined Paul Gosling’s workshop in 2015 where she got taught fine instrument restoration techniques in respect of the instrument and its first maker. They then started teaching amateur violin making together from 2017.

Floriane opened her own workshop in Newark marketplace in April 2019, the Luthier’s Valse, which survived the various lockdowns, and extended the business.

She started teaching the evening class at Newark College in October 2019, and then the second year Violin repairs and restoration degree in 2022.

Among other instruments, Floriane got to work on fine instruments such as a Panormo Cello, and violins, Duke, Kennedy celli, Gosselin violin, Farroti, a Maggini violin, and more...